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Who Is Responsible For Paying Child Support After A Divorce?

Typically, the non-custodial parent will pay child support to the custodial parent. If the parents have shared physical custody of the children and if they reach an agreement that no child support will be ordered, then the courts will typically uphold that agreement. However, if there is a disparity of income between the two parents, then the court may order child support for the parent with the lower income. Alabama utilizes a mathematical formula to determine the appropriate amount of child support based upon the number of children the parties have. Specifics of child support obligations and the determination of child support may be found in Rule 32 of the Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration.

How Is The Amount Of Child Support Determined? Can That Amount Ever Change?

The amount of child support is determined based on a mathematical formula utilizing the combined gross monthly income of both parents. The formula takes into consideration prior child support orders for other children, health insurance costs, childcare costs, and alimony payments. In the event, one or one or both parents’ financial circumstances change, such as a decrease in income or an increase in income, then the amount of child support may be modified by Court order. Child support may also be modified if the child’s needs have changed, such as extreme illness.

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