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The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC is devoted to helping people with family law related matters including, but not limited to, divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, wills, protection from abuse, and other matters.  Tara L. Whitaker founded the Whitaker Law Firm, LLC on the principle that everyone in need of a family law attorney should be able to afford one and that will fight aggressively and competently for their cause. At The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC, we recognize that, most often, people do not necessarily financially plan to have to hire an attorney. Therefore, The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC will work with you to achieve fair and reasonable fees without compromising the dedication to your case. The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC will not make recommendations just to generate fees and will not take a case if the client’s goals are likely unattainable. The firm is dedicated to its clients and each client’s case is the firm’s top priority. At The Whitaker Law Firm LLC, you can expect honesty, integrity, and compassion towards you and your case.  Whether your case is easy or complex, the firm’s dedication to protecting your interests and rights corresponds with its commitment to provide each client with high quality legal representation tailored to your specific needs.  While no lawyer can guarantee results, The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC can guarantee that the lawyer who handles your case will work relentlessly in getting you the best result possible.

At The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC we recognize that matters pertaining to family law such as, divorce, child custody, visitation, paternity, adoption, child support, and will formation can be very stressful and are often life changing events.  One goal of The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC is to make these events less stressful by aggressively handling your case on a personal basis. The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC is in constant communication with each of its’ clients and will always keep you informed as to the status of your case within the judicial system, as well as any new developments that may be occurring.  The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC responds promptly to client inquiries and will thoroughly respond to your concerns. No case is ever too small or too big.  Whether it is a divorce, child custody, the need for a will, child support, or if you need help with criminal charges from a Protection from Abuse Order, The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC is here to serve your needs.

From a convenient location in downtown Birmingham, The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC represents people throughout the entire state of Alabama, and often handles cases filed in Jefferson County, Shelby County, Madison County, and St. Clair County.  The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC also has an attorney that is currently licensed to practice in South Carolina and Mississippi to further help the public with their legal needs.

You may schedule a free consultation with The Whitaker Law Firm, LLC to discuss your case with an attorney that will provide you with honest answers to questions concerning your case.

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