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Divorce is often complicated, emotional, financially difficult, and sometimes confusing. That is why the Whitaker Law Firm is here to guide you through the process no matter what stage you are in. Going through a divorce can be an unpleasant experience. However, if you have a clear understanding of the law and the procedure involved in filing for divorce, divorce can be a new beginning for everyone involved.

The Whitaker Law Firm has successfully assisted clients in going through the divorce process. Naturally, divorces can be quite stressful at times. A large focus of the Whitaker Law Firm is to make the divorce process as stress free as possible for the client. The Whitaker Law Firm can assist you from the filing of the petition through the finalization of your divorce and future modifications of an original divorce. The Whitaker Law Firm understands this is a difficult time for you, and will help you through the process with compassion and efficiency. The Whitaker Law Firm is here to handle all of your divorce needs, whether you have little or no assets or debt, or a large sum of assets or debt.

In Alabama, there are two types of divorce, uncontested and contested. An uncontested divorce is the most efficient and cost effective type of divorce a couple can have. Essentially, to have an uncontested divorce, the parties must agree on all marital issues, such as custody and visitation (if children are involved), child support, division of personal and real property, and the division of marital debts. In an uncontested divorce, testimony of the parties is taken by affidavit, which makes it very rare for a couple to have to appear before a Judge. After all divorce documents are submitted to the Court, it takes at least thirty (30) days for the Judge to sign off on a Final Judgment of Divorce. In filing for an uncontested divorce, there are several documents that must be drafted and filed with the Court. The Whitaker Law Firm will prepare and file all documents for a flat fee. Please feel free to contact The Whitaker Law Firm for a free consultation or if you would simply like to know the fee involved.

A contested divorce is very different from an uncontested divorce in that the parties are unable to reach an agreement. A contested divorce can be very expensive due to the fact that it often takes up a large amount of the attorney’s time and involves extensive paperwork. Although some contested divorces are tried before a Judge, the Whitaker Law Firm will work with its clients to achieve the best possible resolution through negotiations with the opposing party or the opposing party’s attorney without the necessity of going through a trial.

In Alabama, you must assert grounds for filing for a divorce. Grounds for a divorce can be as simple as irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or incompatibility. Often, these are the grounds for an uncontested divorce. In a contested divorce, the grounds can be an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage, incompatibility, abandonment for at least a period of one year, adultery, imprisonment, insanity, habitual drunkenness, drug abuse, or domestic abuse. A party can assert as many grounds as he or she chooses in the complaint for divorce. The Whitaker Law Firm can explain all of the grounds for divorce in more detail.

In addition to contested and uncontested divorces, The Whitaker Law Firm assists clients in the following divorce-related matters:

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